“Talk Against Violence” campaign

Mind It joined the project “Talk Against Violence” and conducted a neuro research for UNICEF Ukraine to find out how psychological violence influences the brain.

People are generally unaware about psychological abuse: 1 of 2 Ukrainians unable to recognize manifestations of psychological violence according to InMind research for UNICEF Ukraine. However, 75% of children in Ukraine are regularly subjected to violent discipline, as well as 1 100 000 Ukrainian women are facing domestic violence every year.

Anti-violence campaigns in Ukraine have usually targeted victims of physical abuse, rarely – the abusers themselves. Thought, the domestic violence situation hasn’t got any better.

The initiators of the campaign aimed at engaging with everyone, since anyone can be a victim, an abuser or a witness of psychological violence during their lifetime. Violence triggers people, and while trying to stop psychological violence having no idea of how to do it properly, many people start fighting it, practicing and provoking even more violence.

In order to motivate people to have a talk with their families, and thus not to let violence in their relations in future we did a real neuroscience experiment to show people what psychological violence is and why it is so destructive for people.

The video of the neuro experiment produced by Be—it Health & Social Impact and UNICEF UkraineTalk Against Violence” campaign was listed among the best cases of Ads of the World!

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