Managing Organizational Complexity and Chaos

Water splash with puzzle falling in water

In the 21st century companies realize more than ever that they need to operate and survive in a volatile, uncertain and complex business environment. Therefore, leading and managing organizations have never been more critical and complicated. We are going to uncover ways to boost brains of your executive team and prepare them to adjust behavior for challenging business environments.

This training program is about understanding change and complexity and developing new aspects of leadership responses in modern organizations. In particular, this seminar/workshop aims to help executives (1) realize the need of changing leadership behavior in modern organizations; (2) develop their minds in leading change process with their organizations; and (3) understand and lead their organizations as complex systems.

This training program will show that complex adaptive leadership is a balance between meeting needs for individual (brain) and organizational (system) integration and adaptation to the internal and external (political, cultural and economic) challenges.


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