Innovation and Customer Centricity

It seems that daily issues stop us from being creative, innovative and customer-oriented. Maybe… What we can suggest? Let’s look at the psychology behind persuasion and how psychological discoveries about human cognition and behavior can be effectively used in the era of big data and how information spreads across social networks, and the ways companies can gain insights into behavior and personality from users’ digital footprint.

Topics to be covered in the training: 1) The Battle for the Emotions Economy, 2) Identifying the Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse in Business, 3) Why Cant’t We Innovate and Really Focus on Customers’ Needs? 4) What is the Mindset of Human-driven Success? 5) Protect your Brain Power, 6) Top Tips for Innovative and Customer-oriented Thinking.

The goals of the training are: 1) To excite participants about innovative developments in understanding human nature, 2) To highlight the daily issues that stop us from being creative, innovative and customer-driven, 3) To explain the appropriate mindset for innovative and customer-oriented thinking, 4) To inspire people to approach their own brains differently when it comes to leadership and innovation, 5) To provide practical approaches for improving innovative and customer-oriented leadership behaviors at work.


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