Decoding your customers’ brain through neurotech

Neuroscience is the key to unlocking your customers’ brain. This is because real decision-making happens in the brain in a subconscious level. All the behaviors that really matter for marketers (purchase, loyalty, recommendation, clicking, visiting, engaging etc.) originate in brain processes that remain hidden from awareness and consciousness. Traditional marketing research cannot capture these hidden processes because interviews and questionnaires stay on the surface and do not measure the power motivational forces in the brain. The same happens with CRM and other data/behavioral methods: they miss the ‘Why’ of behavior, which is the brain’s intentions. The last 20 years, with the rapid advance of neuro-tech, it has become possible for companies around the world to use advanced methods to understand customer brain reactions to marketing actions with great success. In this practical workshop, Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, presented the top insights from his decades of experience in decoding customer behavior with a strong focus on neuro-tech. We talked about: 

  • real case neuro-studies
  • how different tech tools work
  • research methods for neuro-testing
  • brain-science for improving marketing


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