Brain-Adaptive Leadership

Welcome the new era of leaders – holistic brain leaders. Are you still thinking that we are rational beings? Forget about that… humans are emotional, irrational and primarily focused on their survival. Our team smartly integrates brain and behavioral science into modern leadership approaches.

This training program will give an opportunity to discuss the following issues (1) Understanding human brain & behavior; (2) Understanding organizational realities; (3) The Neuroscience & Behavioral Science perspective; (4) The three Brains Concept in Leading People. Variety of different practical examples will be given.

This program is about understanding and developing new aspects of leading people in modern organizations. In particular, this module aims to develop understanding of the various issues and practices that directly relate to the human behavior during an organizational change and innovation process.

With references to brain science, behavioral science and modern management approaches, it will be shown that Neuro-management is a balance between meeting needs for organizational change and innovation and adapting to the internal and external contexts.


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