Mind It was established as a platform to educate people about the latest developments in neuroscience and how to apply them in business practices in September 2017. Why neuroscience & behavioral science? Because humans are driven by their biology. 

Starting from May 2018 Mind It provides neuromarketing and neuroHR research services in partnership with international experts and several UK Universities for management consulting. Mind It has became a member of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association since 2018.

About Neuromarketing

David Ogilvy once said “Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say”. So, we need to be strong and face the fact that customers do not know what they want. 

Our aim is to help you to understand your customers better and to create a final emotional incentive to connect with your brand. Using neuro tools & techniques such as eye tracking, EEG, facial imaging and biometrics in combination with a practical experience we can offer a scientific approach that truly explains why your customers get excited by your product, advertising or application and what motivates them to buy from you.   

About some Neuro tools

Neuro tools measure responses (emotional, cognitive, instinctive) to a number of stimuli.


EEG is a passive recording technique that measures brain waves (e.g, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta waves). Questions to be answered using EEG: How does the brain react to a given event? What processes are ongoing in your brain currently? EEG is a good solution when we are talking about temporal resolution.   


Skin conductance is controlled subconsciously. Higher skin conductivity is a result of increased sweating. The GSR signal is not about “good” or “bad” emotions, it demonstrates emotional arousal participants experience while exposed to both positive and negative stimuli.

Facial expression analysis

Facial tracking is a beneficial sensor that can tell about the valence of an experienced basic emotions (surprise, anger, happiness, etc.). This is one of very few techniques are used for assessing emotions in a real-time. Facial data is especially helpful in combination with EEG-based metrics.   

Eye tracking Eye tracking data is collected when visual stimuli are presented to a participant. This tool delivers important information on where respondents direct their gaze, for how long and where they are placing their visual attention.

About NeuroHR

Neuroscience & behavioral science give us an understanding how human brain reacts to different situations and conditions. Nowadays science helps us to make organizations more human, as any company is about people who are working for it.

In the era of mindful leadership managers’ ability to learn from their mistakes and adapt to challenging environment is extremely valuable and important for business & personal success.  Personal and professional characteristics can be detected by a holistic view on human reactions to a number of stimuli applying certain methodologies and neuro devices. By defining such metrics, it is possible to focus further on developing growth mindset in teams.

About trainings

We are inspired by that fact that personal development is a lifetime process and we make our contribution to that. 

Our aim is to create a room for your talents to shine brighter. We propose long term programs, corporate trainings, e-learning together with consulting that will empower your teams to produce better results and meet challenging tasks.

The combination of a tailor-made approach and highly-professional tutors makes us strong in:


Welcome the new era of leaders – holistic brain leaders. Are you still thinking that we are rational beings? Forget about that… humans are emotional, irrational and primarily focused on their survival. Our team smartly integrates brain and behavioral science into modern leadership approaches. At the end of the day you will see that neuro-management is a balance between meeting corporate needs and adapting to internal and external contexts. 

Organizational complexity

In the 21st century companies realize more than ever that they need to operate and survive in a volatile, uncertain and complex business environment. Therefore, leading and managing organizations have never been more critical and complicated. We are going to uncover ways to boost brains of your executive team and prepare them to adjust behavior for challenging business environments.  

Brain-friendly marketing

Nowadays customers are very demanding. So, we need to learn new ways to communicate with them. There are two pills (red and blue): we can continue sending the wrong messages to the wrong parts of the brain of our audience OR we can formulate the right message to the right part of the brain and get real results. What will you choose? 

Innovation and customer centricity   It seems that daily issues stop us from being creative, innovative and customer-oriented. Maybe… What we can suggest? Let’s look at the psychology behind persuasion and how psychological discoveries about human cognition and behavior can be effectively used in the era of big data and how information spreads across social networks, and the ways companies can gain insights into behavior and personality from users’ digital footprint.