Playing With the Brain
The Nature of Human Behavior

December 14 / Kyiv, Ukraine / FEDORIV HUB

What do you know about your brain? How does it work? Why do you take decisions?
Why do you like and dislike some things? Any ideas?
"Playing with the Brain: The Nature of Human Behavior" is a unique event where our experts will give you answers!
It is time to find out more about yourself and to explore new opportunities for your business!

Why visiting this event?
  • Thoughtful arguments about brain science implications.
  • The cutting-edge approaches and breakthroughs that will move your business ahead of others.
  • An exclusive possibility to listen to the leading scientists and business experts first hand in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Two hours of high professional information and quality networking.
  • Only English language.
  • Comfortable and stylish place - FEDORIV HUB.
  • Tasty welcome drinks.
"The absolute purpose of our brain is not thinking"
Guest Speakers
Alexandros Psychogios
Professor of International HRM, Birmingham City University (UK)
  • A Professor of International HRM in Birmingham City Business School at Birmingham City University.
  • A Research Visitor in South Eastern European Research Centre (SEERC) and Associate Researcher in GNOSIS Research Group of the Management School at the University of Liverpool.
  • His specialization and research interests are on Organizational Behavior, Leadership & Complexity, International Human Resource Management, and Total Quality & Performance Management.
  • Has a wide-range experience of participating in various consultancy and research projects on issues like leadership, human resource management, total quality management, performance management and reward systems.
  • Participated in many professional and executive training courses offered in both private and public organizations.
  • Has been invited to many professional and academic conferences as an expert speaker on issues like leadership, complexity, and performance management.
  • In 2009 he has co-founded Entranet Ltd, a technology oriented company that develops variety of different technological innovations based on speech technology (
Nikolaos Dimitriadis
Dr., CEO Trizma Neuro (Serbia)
  • An award-winning communications professional, educator and consultant.
  • The CEO of Trizma Neuro, a cutting-edge applied neuroscience company that uses neurofeedback and biofeedback technologies to generate insights for Marketing, HR, Leadership and Learning.
  • Spoke at TEDx University of Strathclyde for the urgent need for Brain-Based Communication.
  • A certified Neuromarketer and a contributor to the Neuromarketing Manager Program at Hamburg Media School.
  • Has worked with international brands such as IKEA, IBM, JTI, Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, Pierre Fabre, Coca Cola, AstraZeneca, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Raiffeisen Bank, Rauch, USAID and others.
  • His opinions are often featured in both business and mainstream media, most notably in INC.COM.
  • A mentor of startups at the ICT HUB, Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the Regional Director of The University of Sheffield International Faculty City College for the Western Balkans.
  • A strong advocate of brain-based solutions to all business and societal challenges.
Event Program
Thursday, December 14
18:30 – 19:00
18:30 – 19:00
19:00 – 19:30
19:00 – 19:30
Alexandros Psychogios
The Triplex Brain Leader

Leadership is Not a science, Neither a pure art. Leadership is an attitude!! Like all attitudes it consists of thoughts, emotions and behaviours in a sum greater than its parts. In this sense, modern leaders should be aware of three main aspects of the leadership attitude process: the Logical, the Psycho and the Complex. Leaders should synthesise this triplex in managing people, organizations and, of course, themselves! What about you?
19:30 – 20:00
19:30 – 20:00
Nikolaos Dimitriadis
Brain War: Who Wins the Battles Inside Your Head? (… it's not you!)

The biggest delusion of the human mind is the sense of a concrete self and the conviction that we have a single will. Not only that this is not true but it is a dangerous condition that leads to many of the personal, social and economic nightmares we face today. Especially in the last 20 years, with the advent of the digital age, our confidence in our understanding of the world and on human progress has been at an all-times high.

In order to really progress as species though we need to abolish this self-centric arrogance and to realize that our brains are more complex than we think. What we call "self" and "will" are products of competing neural networks which have different goals, processes and outcomes. Learn to spot those competing forces in your brain and in the brains of others, and become a more positive force in your workplace, your community and your society. Are you ready for this?!
20:00 – 21:00
20:00 – 21:00
Discussions on How to Use Neuroscience in Real Business
Alexandros Psychogios and Nikolaos Dimitriadis are the authors of the book Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach. It offers an integrative and easy-to-use method of fine-tuning your brain for better leadership, in order to deal effectively with dynamic and complex business environments, with insights from neuroscience and behavioural sciences.

Drawing on research and practical experience, the authors present a flexible framework for fine-tuning the leadership brain. The Brain Adaptive Leadership approach is a step-by-step guide to enhancing the way you think, understanding and nurturing emotions, shaping automated brain responses, and developing dynamic relations. Neuroscience for Leaders explains both the underlying science and how to apply its findings in business, demonstrating why and how you can become a better leader through brain-based learning. With tools, managerial tips and clear actions to implement the method straight away, Neuroscience for Leaders is an invaluable companion to managers and leaders who want to gain the brain edge.

Neuroscience for Leaders
A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach
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